about telemed
Telemed Medical Services PLC (Telemed), incorporated in 2012, has the mission to put reliable healthcare in the hands of Ethiopians.
We are the leading company in health-tech at the fore-front of telehealth in Ethiopia.
Telemed's flagship service is helloDoctor® which allows people to call at any time and from any where in the country and get instant medical advice.
Telemed provides its services in joint venture with Belcash Technology Solutions.
our team
Dr. Yohans Wodaje

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Yohans is the founder and General Manager of Telemed Medical Services. With vast experience in Adult, Maternal and ... Read more
Yordanos Berhanu is a certified Public Health Officer who graduated from Jimma University. With keen interest in ... Read more
Yordanos Berhanu
Chief Operations Officer
Dr. Adefris Beyene
Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Adefris is the most senior member on the HelloDoctor medical team with 10 years of experience in medical field. He ... Read more
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